“Success is more about your imagination than anything else.” 

Creative Entrepreneur & Practical Philanthropist

Paul Orfalea

Paul Orfalea struggled through his school years because of conditions we now recognize as Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Paul credits these “differences” as blessings that allow him to see the world differently from his peers.

Paul's unique perspective led to the creation of Kinko's, which began as a single tiny shop in 1970 and ended up with over 1,000 locations worldwide and $2 Billion in annual sales. The lively and fiercely democratic Kinko's culture reflected Paul's own energetic curiosity, candor and creativity, and found its way into hundreds of other business, educational, and philanthropic organizations.

Today Paul shares the benefit of his business and life experience through his
writings, speeches, and college courses. Through his philanthropic efforts and public speaking, Paul strives to improve resources for the next generation of leaders and educators by promoting Whole Child Development.