Paul Orfalea’s story is one about turning lemons into lemonade. It's the story of how a struggling kid who could barely read, write, or sit still managed to grow a 100-square-foot copy shop named Kinko's into a $1.5 billion empire that Fortune repeatedly named one of the best places in America to work.  Paul is a living example that anyone with a sincere love for people, the right tools and guts can achieve their dreams and win in business.  Paul’s story and life lessons will blow fresh air into the thinking of any student, teacher, manager, entrepreneur, executive, or person with a dream.

Paul’s work in philanthropy is equally inspirational – he makes the common sense and historically validated case for Whole Child Development, where time in a garden is as important as time in a social studies class; biking, swimming, hiking, and sleeping are essential to reading and math, and a self-confident smile can open a world of opportunities.

To invite Paul to speak to your company, organization or school, please contact: 

Paige Kearin
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P: (805) 845-5173 
112 E De La Guerra St. Suite 9
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

"I Couldn’t Read. I Couldn’t Sit Still. I Had No Mechanical Ability. What Sort of Future Awaited Me?"

"Do you want to do well on multiple choice tests, or do you want to do well in life?"