"Entrepreneurship is not about owning a business; it's about owning your life."

Two Billion Dollars in Nickels is a collection of essays on ownership, judgment, and self-knowledge by Kinko’s founder Paul Orfalea. 

As the economy staggers from the excesses of self-obsessed CEOs, here is a reminder that devoting oneself to the welfare of customers and coworkers can bring great financial and personal success.

Your Ideas And Your Money Can Work 24 Hours a Day

“In The Entrepreneurial Investor, Paul and his team say in few words what legions of so-called Wall Street brainiacs have tried in endless volumes. Only these guys do it with flare and wit and real-life success”

-from the foreword by Neil Cavuto

Copy This! tells the story of how a struggling kid who could barely read, write, or sit still managed to grow a 10'-10' copy stand into a $2 billion business empire. Of how an individual used his learning differences - ADHD and dyslexia - to mold the homegrown, compassionate culture that allowed Kinko's to thrive.